We are

The journey undertaken by Matì was sparked by the encounter between two people from different backgrounds, but a similar yet complementary awareness in common. 

Matì, born in the heart of the italian furniture design district near Milan, arises from the ambitious desire to produce a furnishing collection whose essential nature derives from Italian craftsmanship and the authentic quality of fine raw materials. Product design is linear and pared-down to enable the objects to speak for themselves.

Matì stems from a driving force, since it believes in quality as the primary requisite of beauty, in meticulous craftsmanship as an art form and in excellence as the only possible matrix of objects capable of testifying to their epoch.

We believe

In craftsmanship as an art form

That, for this same reason, the “Made in Italy” trademark is a heritage of inestimable value (of which people are the most precious resource)

In the honesty of materials that are authentic, precious and crafted with care

In quality as the cornerstone of everything we do

In beauty

In flanking innovation with tradition, old with new

That objects represent the stratification of generations of experience, testifying to times gone by: each mark on a leather surface proudly evidences a life that has been lived

We believe in dreams

And a dash of folly.