Orchestra is a sectional bookcase but, nevertheless, immune from the formal rigidity of a repetitively geometrical modularity. Made up of three elements in different sizes and depths, Orchestra may evolve freely and organically in its surrounding space to offer various possible configurations, geometrical or non, whose range is truly infinite.

Its external surface is pleasingly tactile thanks to the light padding conferred to the leather, which enhances the natural softness of this material, while internally the shelves are finished in Canaletto walnut, which has been zero gloss varnished to preserve its natural look.

Orchestra embodies the spirit of the storage element with an extremely simple shape that needs no further contribution in terms of form or materials, which are equally authentic and elegant in their quiet understatement.

Materials: Canaletto walnut, leather.

Module dimensions: 15’’x 9.4’’x h. 15’’ / 17’’x 13.4’’x h. 17’’ / 20.9’’x 15’’x h. 20.9