Orizzonti satisfies a desire to experience domestic living with nonchalance, unrestricted by traditional furnishing categories. Made up of modular elements that may be arranged freely on the floor, this system represents a way of organizing one’s space so that it may be exploited and experienced at “ground level”, with the added pleasure of being able to kick off one’s shoes.

The system consists of upholstered elements in two sizes (60×60 cm and 30×30 cm) and a module in Canaletto walnut (60×60 cm) acting as a flat rest surface, as well as accessories such as feather-filled square and bolster cushions. It goes without saying that the system offers an infinite number of possible configurations and will adapt to any spatial requirement, from small rooms requiring just a few modules to huge open plan interiors.

As well as occupying horizontal surfaces, the upholstered elements may also be applied to walls to create backrests or complete leather boiseries, by exploiting the different dimensions and colours of the modules.

Orizzonti is a hybrid interpretation in an informal metropolitan key of traditional furnishing elements, in which it is possible to glimpse hints of floor living that come from afar, from thousand year-old cultures typical of Japan or the Berber tribes. Apart from any historical reference, what mainly distinguishes Orizzonti is its contemporary spirit and flexibility of use.

Materials: Canaletto walnut, leather.

Dimensions: Upholstered modules 11.8’’x 11.8’’ / 23.6’’x 23.6’’. Flat rest surface module 23.6’’x 23.6’’