Quartet was born of a desire to bring the Orchestra modules down to floor level for a more extensive use, while shifting them from the walls to the centre of the room. The single L-shaped support, forming the back and base sections, reveals the longitudinally arranged long wood grain of Canaletto walnut, making this an object to display at the centre of the room.

Similarly to Orchestra, the elements of Quartet are soft to the touch and the wood is zero gloss varnished to enhance its natural beauty.

The lower support connecting the storage modules to the base confers a luminous metallic note, and may be supplied in either copper or brass.

Materials: Canaletto walnut, leather, brass or copper.

Dimensions: 71.6’’x 16.9’’x h. 30.7’’. Storage modules: 20.9’’x 15’’x h. 20.9’’