Rhapsody was born to realize a comfortable yet equally precious day bed to pleasantly accompany moments of relaxation.

From the formal viewpoint, our research came to rest on one of the most recognizable and archetypal model of sofa, which possibly represents the quintessential idea of it: the Edwardian English Chesterfield.

Simplified to achieve greater linearity, yet endowed with generous proportions, Rhapsody retains its lavish deep-button upholstery and the pleated effect of its armrests which, increased in scale to the extent that they touch the ground to replace the feet and even incorporate the headrests in their profile, have become its most distinctive features.

The leather upholstery is entirely hand crafted and represents the highest expression of artisanal artistry, while the differentiated density memory foam adapts to the body form and gently embraces it.

Materials: hand-crafted leather, memory foam, body in wood and metal.

Dimensions: 102.4’’x 41.4’’x h. 23.6’’