A movement, a crevice, surfacing water and melting snow that excavate the beds of ephemeral streams.

Inspired to the nature of Iceland, Snaer (from the icelandic word for “snow”) is a play of opposites. This island, rich in contrasts and shaped by ice and fire, has inspired the complementary forms of this small table.

Solid Canaletto walnut and porcelain, a material deriving from the earth, of ancient origin and rich in expressive potential, are distanced by a gilt groove, similar to a stretch of water steeped in reflections of the dawn. On one hand a material shaped by human hands, white and crystal clear, on the other the clean-cut geometric shape of a wood top, with an effect that is warm and opaque.

The brass frame is of airy simplicity, enhancing the object with ever changing reflections of the light.

Materials: brass, Canaletto walnut, porcelain.

Dimensions: 17.7’’x 31.5’’x h. 15.7’’