Swing is a bench seat of an irregular shape that draws inspiration, in its design and materials, from Hemiole. Copper, brass, Santos rosewood and nubuck leather of an extremely soft hand define this seat with a look that is sculptural, elegant and light. The rosewood elements, positioned on brass sheets of a slightly larger size, serve as elegant flat rest surfaces conferring rhythm and light to the overall composition as well as performing a functional role when conversation is in full swing.

The name of this product is yet another reference to music. As in jazz, once defined as “a most successful mingling of heterogeneous Ideas and musical styles”, in Swing we can identify rhythm, movement and an idea of formal improvisation, which add up to a mix that is both elegant and fun.

Materials: copper, brass, Santos rosewood, nubuk leather.

Dimensions: 59’’x 19.7’’x h. 19.3’’