Twist takes a new look at the base element in Canaletto walnut and leather stacking the modules one on top of each other to form a column and act as a swivel storage-totem. Enhanced on the back by a new element based on the shape of a square, the totem is sure to amaze when observed from a distance: the precious inlay work in Canaletto walnut and stained beech, executed by specialized craftsmen, creates a truly original optical illusion.

The swivel spacing element in brass confers lightness and a touch of luminosity to the entire structure. As in the modules of the previous collections, here too the leather details are hand stitched with visible seams, to evidence the customary attention to detail.

The storage module measures 17.7’’x 13.4’’x h.17.7’’, available in the different versions of two or three stacked elements.

Furthermore, there is an interesting possibility to align multiple columns to form a bookcase or to position them more freely at various points in the space to separate or delimit different living areas or functions.

Materials: Canaletto walnut, leather, brass. Inlay in Canaletto walnut and stained beech.

Dimensions: Single module 17.7’’x 13.4’’x h.17.7’’. Combinations 2 modules 17.7’’x 13.4’’x h.39.4’’/ 3 modules h. 58.3’’.