Uni is a versatile chair of fairly modest dimensions, endowed with a personality that is well defined yet capable of dialoguing with all furnishing styles, with a propensity to adapt easily to any room in the home.

It is geometric in form but sedate and well proportioned, while its hourglass-shaped backrest carries the distinctive trait of this armchair: a gilt ring which, like a necklace, adorns the body and reappears to circle the legs.

Resting on a dark-stained beech base, the seat is delicately poised between two side elements that accompany and grace it with brio.

Its name is a tribute to the sumptuous Etruscan gold-working tradition, the expression of an ancient craft which has produced unimaginable heights of technical expertise and elegance.

Uni is available in over 30 colour variants of cotton velvet.

Materials: legs in beechwood, gilt details, upholstery in 36 colour variants of cotton velvet or in 113 variants of leather.

Dimensions: 22.8’’x 28.7’’x h. 32.3’’